Meryl Murman


becoming-Botanicals Research Project, US/Scotland


New Orleans, LA

Fridays 5:30-6:30pm during Fall, 2018
Research Retreat October 19-21, 2018

becoming-Botanicals explores humankind’s complex role in natural, cultural, geo-political and socio-economic ecologies by providing a prismatic and multifaceted perspective on the uses of plant botanicals. The New Orleans branch facilitated by Meryl Murman focuses on embodied research practices that deepen understanding of nonhuman life, and garner an eco-centric and empathetic perspective crucial to living sustainably in a shifting climate. Meryl will be hosting a somatic becoming-Botanicals retreat Oct 19-21st in rural Mississippi.

becoming-Botanicals is a research-creation project led by The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Research and Knowledge Exchange in association with the University of Wisconsin-Madison & the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Chris Hammersley